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Text to speech tools translator converts eBook clipboard character notepad text to the sound speech
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8 January 2011

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In the virtual world innovation is the key to success and there are so many innovative software tools available in the market that almost covers all important aspects of cyber world. Also there are many programs that simplify various human tasks or even reduce human efforts. Text to Speech is one such program that is highly useful from humanitarian angle. This program is perfect for those who are visually challenged or even those who have less time to invest on reading but have ample time to listen.

Basically, Text to Speech is for converting text, WordPad, eBook, notepad and notebook contents into audios in the voice of human. This converter is very simple to use and has various additional features for providing the best quality output and functionalities. This is a powerful and efficient tool that has simple and efficient user interface for completing the conversion process in quicker pace. The user has been given the option for setting the speed of the voice that is natural, clear and correctly pronounces the words. The audio conversions are done in WAV file format that can be listened through any portable device. This software tool is compatible with various versions of Windows operating system in both 32 bit as well as 64 bit computer systems. The program supports almost all text formats and so is very useful and complete converter tool from text to audio. This tool can also read HTML and PDF files effortlessly, clearly and aloud.

Text to Speech is a four star rated highly reliable and powerful software tool for all users. Its user friendly interface is its advantage and allows the user to adjust conversion process and make it suitable as per preference. This way the user can listen to a book or any other written content even while making a move.

Publisher's description

Text to speech converter can change WordPad text paper eBook notebook notepad content to the natural human sounding voices audio. Word to voice converter translator tool can provide best GUI with simple easy and quick conversion speed. You can set the speed of the voice. Program also provides word-to-audio conversion that uses correct natural voice reading for your paper notes. Text to audio conversion is a designed for converting any written text to popular WAV audio format with high speed and good quality. Text to speech software converts in natural sounding voices. You can make your audio file from your notes eBooks paper and other text document with this brilliant program and no need to any other supporting application. Word to audio utility can read your clipboard word data from any file and change it into WAV format for listening anytime and anywhere. Comprehensible human sounding voices just click save as button to create a WAVE file for hearing.
* Compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows7.
* Program supports both 32 bit and 64 bit computer.
* Program supports all text formats.
* Listen to the text data copied to the clipboard immediately.
* Read text from web page, Word, Outlook and other text based programs.
* Text to speak converter application converting your text content into spoken sound file.
* Word to voice conversion program has very simple, easy to use and user friendly interface.
* Word to speech program speaks your text document and HTML files clearly and loudly.
* Save speech as compressed WAV files.
* This tool provides best GUI.
Text to Speech
Text to Speech
Version 2.3.8
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